Review Requests

Would you like to request that your book be reviewed?  Here’s how you go about it!

  • Is your book one of the following genres?
    • Fantasy
    • Science-fiction
    • Action/adventure
    • Multi-genre
    • Christian
    • Thriller
      • Excluding horror and erotica
    • Tragedy
    • Realistic Fiction
  • Then you’re fitting right into the genres that this blogger enjoys reading!  Shoot me an email at to get ahold of me.
    • Please use the email subject of “A Tale of Books Book Review Request”.
    • I will get back to you as soon as I can but:
      • Be aware that I might be blocked out for a month or two.  If you want a review for an upcoming book before it’s release, send me an email early on and tell me when you want it by!
        • It will be your responsibility to make sure I get a copy of the book when it is ready for reading.
    • I post all of my reviews to, in addition to A Tale of Books.  If you want it posted anywhere else, you’ll have to let me know!
  • If you are outside of the genres listed above, there is still a chance I might be willing to read your book.  Shoot me an email at the address listed above, and we’ll talk details.  I will be upfront with you about whether or not I am willing to read your book – that’s a promise!
  • Erotica/Romance books do have a potential to be read…however, I retain the right to stop reading if it goes outside of my comfort levels.
    • For this reason, at this point in time, I will not read romance/erotica novels with the following:
      • Actions of rape
      • BDSM
      • Abuse

I look forward to hearing from you soon!