Perfectly Scripted

perfectlyscriptedThe book we’ll be talking about today is: Perfectly Unscripted (book two in the Scripted series), by Christy Pastore.  It was published by Christie Pastore Publishing on November 16th, 2015.  The ISBN is 0990709957, and the price for an ebook on Amazon is $3.99, while the price for a paperback is $15.00.

I rate this book as a four out of five tails.

four out of five tails

In this explosive sequel to Christie Pastore’s unScripted, we revisit Ronan and Holliday in the next step of their sexy, sex-filled, and crazy journey together.  With betrayal, healing, and the appearance of someone we’ve been waiting for Ronan to beat the shit out of – it’s little wonder this book came together under Pastore’s fingers so well!  Perhaps most importantly, even when the goings are tough in the novel, you never stop rooting for the literary couple of the year.

Some aspects of the plot can be difficult if you’ve ever been in similar situations, but Pastore handles it with a delicateness I wouldn’t have thought possible even while keeping it in the story.  She makes it relevant to the plot, to the characters – and therefore to you, as well.

I’m still not wholly used to this genre, but it was yet another book worth getting my toes in the pool of romance for!

Overall, this book was a smashing addition to Pastore’s venture.

Some warnings for tender audiences, however: sex, swearing, sex, mentions of rape, and violence are definite parts of this story.  If you can’t handle any of the above, this book is not for you.

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