22916004The book I’ll be covering in this article is unScripted by Christy Pastore, published by Christy Pastore Publishing on December 9th, 2014.  The ISBN is 9780990709916; and the price for the ebook is $2.99, and the paperback is $13.99.

Now, before I get to the nitty gritty, let me say that it has been my pleasure to have had two encounters with Christy at a couple of local author signings.  A wonderful woman, who always seems to have a smile on her lips.

four out of five tails


I rate this book four out of five tails.
Let me start off the review itself by saying…  Romance/erotica aren’t genres I traditionally read.  I only ever dip my toes in this particular pool every once in awhile.

Unscripted was definitely worth getting my toes wet.  The fast-paced story of Ronan and Holliday pulled me in right away, and kept me captivated even in some of the more risky components.  For anyone who enjoys a book with a lot of sex – Unscripted will not disappoint.  And for those who enjoy a story with their sex scenes? Christy Pastore has definitely delivered a compelling story to go hand in hand with the romance.

The downside?  There is a lot of sex, and for someone not used to the genre it was a touch off putting.

But again, the story was worth it.

As a warning however, to anyone who might have triggers associated with rape – this book does mention it, a few different times.


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